Iwi Partners

We serve iwi partners for developing papakāinga housing.

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At Modern Building Solutions, we take immense pride in our collaborative efforts with our iwi partners

A relationship rooted in a shared commitment to enhance the living experience on ancestral Māori land. Our tailored solutions for papakāinga housing reflect not only our expertise in modular and transportable homes but also our understanding of the unique cultural and community-centric needs of our iwi partners.

Why Modern Building Solutions is Your Trusted Partner for Iwi Projects

For iwi seeking support with their papakāinga housing development, our offerings extend beyond mere structures; they encompass a holistic approach to community development. We recognise the multifaceted nature of papakāinga, acknowledging the importance of spaces for marae, shared gardens, and commercial activities. Our solutions are designed not just to provide homes but to create vibrant and sustainable communities that foster cultural preservation, economic growth, and shared prosperity.

Partnering with Modern Building Solutions means engaging with a team that values the significance of Papakāinga in preserving cultural heritage. We collaborate closely with our iwi partners to co-create living spaces that meet modern housing standards but also uphold the traditions and values embedded in the land.

Hear from those trusting Modern Building Solutions

"The whole process from start to finish has been super easy from the very first communication"


Pirongia, Waikato

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Stratford Taranaki

"It's the speed that's really helpful. Modern Building Solution's designs were really nice. They are attractive and you can be proud of what you've got. The house is low maintenance, cosy and really warm. "