Commercial Customers

We serve commercial customers for developments, worker accommodation, office space, Airbnb’s, rentals, and cafes. 

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Whether it's a rental, development, or even an office space, Modern Building Solutions can help with your next investment.

We provide you with guaranteed build timelines, fixed price builds, and completely customisable (and modular) floor plans. 

Why Choose Modern Building Solutions for Your Commercial Project?

Whether it's your first time, a one-off, or multi-build project, Modern Building Solutions are the experienced and reliable partners for your business’s next build project. Our transportable builds and fast build times save time, space, money, and hassle for your business, no matter the project. 

We’ll sort design, consent, the build, foundations, transportation and landing too. Our time-tested systems and guarantees take care of you - and we cater to a variety of different commercial customers too. 


Looking to maximise your return on investment, save costs where possible, and have guaranteed build times + costs?

You probably already have the street set up, titles and plans, and you’re looking for 2-3 bedroom homes and already have a clear idea of the floor and site plan you want. We can help.


Looking for a fast turnaround on an affordable solution for worker accommodation? We can help.


Need office space for your business?

It might be temporary while you build your main hub, or a full-time staff or sales office. Either way, our fully-customisable builds can come with kitchenettes, bathroom, smoko area, and help you save leasing costs on buildings. And you can always move it to a new site or resell when you’re done with it too.


Using our builds for long-term rentals can maximise your existing land and make you extra income. It’s more affordable, faster, and easier than building a traditional home, and often more affordable than purchasing an existing home too.


Looking for a new income stream, or to get into the Airbnb game?

Our builds are an easier, more affordable way to do so. We can provide a fully customisable build with kitchens and bathrooms included. Not only can they maximise your existing space and provide you with extra income, they can always be moved to new locations too.  



Create another income stream, maximise your land space, or attract more customers to your site with a cost-efficient cafe. Get a space & cost-efficient build that’s fully customisable and comes with a kitchen and bathroom. And move it to different site locations if you need!

Hear from those trusting Modern Building Solutions

"The whole process from start to finish has been super easy from the very first communication"
Happy customer Therese


Stratford Taranaki

"MBS helped us with getting the right information from the right people. The whole process was really, really easy and they were a great team to work with."


Pirongia, Waikato